About Us

Building for the future.

SMI Services is the construction industry's leading expert on sediment and erosion control. SMI is involved in commercial development and highway construction since 1998 in both small and large-scale projects. We are committed to meeting......projects with the sustainable future in mind.

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Providing environmental solutions for the construction industry.

SMI Services provides erosion and sediment control for builders, developers and contractors. The company also works on highway projects and does municipal work for local and state governments. SMI incorporates a range of strategies, materials and products to control erosion and to comply with the latest environmentally-conscious building codes and requirements.

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Products Installed

A complete line of erosion control products.

SMI Services utilizes the latest products and techniques in sediment retention and erosion control. We havedecades of experience in a wide range of projects, SMI provides its clients with the tools that fit the job at hand, whether that be Rip Rap protections, stabilized entrances, temporary stone outlet structures or baffle boards - SMI provides what is needed and maintains the highest standards of erosion control and eco-friendly construction practices practices beyond industry standards.

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Performing work and jobs that include, but not limited to:

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